Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun in Fall.

Something about the Fall- especially October- means family to me.
Or maybe it's the fact that we were out of town most of September and I'm craving family time.
So we have been going crazy doing family things.

The fair really kicked off this season of family for us. Here are some photos of that. Lily was there but wasn't old enough for all of the rides, but she loved the animals. I can hardly believe she is 9 months old already and that she is ONLY 9 months!

Then, we went apple picking! It is always a highlight of our Fall here in Black Mtn. We went with our friends, Sarah and Ryon, who we love deeply and laugh a lot with. Piper is such a cool little girl now and has a great zest for life so every event with her is so fun. We made applesauce when we got home and an apple pie is on the menu for tonight- man, the house smells good right now! More fun in fall to come soon. What has gotten into me.......


Annie Singletary said...

you changed your blog look, i like it. you are so seasonal.
do you wear those sweaters, pleeeease wear seasonal sweaters.
your girl piper is so cool. she does have so much zest for life, i'm glad that will get to be around that little zester.
you guys have so much fun together, it's awesome.
thanks for you wise words last night, between you and Lauren I got some priceless words of wisdom.

Lisa S. said...

LOVE the fall pictures! the one with piper with the apple is so pretty! glad we got to hang out the other day!