Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Princess Corner.

It happened in the blink of an eye.
She was playing with trains and racecars and construction equipment.
Before we knew it, IT happened.
She put on a princess dress, saw Cinderella (thanks, dad) and was on her way to fairyland.....

It is a really fun thing to watch her get caught up in the imagination and romance of fairytales and palaces and princes and unicorns. As I type this, Piper just brought ALL of her dress up clothes and dumped them at my feet. She LOVES it.

I think it echoes a longing o f all of our hearts to get caught up in a love story- a bigger story. A story that is adventurous and gentle. A story of pursuit and rescue. The bigger story of all of our lives. And it's so innocent and pure.

To organize all of our gear, I was inspired by my friend, Joy Thigpen. She is an amazing designer, photographer and creative engineer. Check out THIS BLOG about her and her website- www.joythigpen.com to be inspired yourself.

I can't paint like she can but I can drill holes into walls. So here's what we did to create Piper's Princess Corner.

Lily likes it, too.

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Annie Singletary said...

love it and love that you let her be her whatever she chooses to play with.