Friday, July 26, 2013

2 weeks at Camp.

 During our summer months, we spend way more than 2 weeks at camp.  We spend every day at Camp Ridgecrest for Boys, but Piper had the great privilege to go to Camp Crestridge for Girls for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! 

 Away from her family.....and she LOVED it.  It grew her in ways that we couldn't.  She grew in confidence & a love for people and Jesus.

Here are some pictures and snippets from her time at camp:
Her sweet friend and her in the creek
Lost her tooth at camp & the tooth fairy visited her!
One of her SWEET & AMAZING Cherokee big sisters at camp.
Craft skill
 If you go to THIS VIDEO you will see Piper at minute 2:15.  
She's a quick green blurb spinning a sock war sock!
Chippewa 1 on the way to Council of Progress, a really important night at Grils' Camp
Piper and her JET (jr counselor), Haley
Council of Progress

Gymnastics skill

Cabin friends on her Trip day
Closing program- these girls sing ALOT
Winning the Crestridge cup!!!
Chip Adventure- Piper's FAVORITE THING at camp!
What a huge blessing that camp is a huge part of our lives!  I now understand the ministry of camp from a different perspective- not just from a spectator but as a mom, who's child was impacted in big ways by the young women who loved her at camp. 

Spring Break 2K13

This will be one of the last of my catch-up posts!  We took some time on Spring Break to be be tourists in our own city.  So here is what we did:
Used some spending money from Grammie to buy a treat on a day trip to Greenville
Piper wore these bunny ears alllll week.
Visiting the Greenville Zoo with Dad & Aunt Anne
Face painting at an Easter Egg Hunt!
Ice cream (& coffee for us) on the Double Decker Bus in Downtown Asheville.
Park with a friend!
Park time!
Woolworth Diner in Downtown Asheville
Movies in bed
A springtime tea party with our friends!
Breakfast in bed!
Hopefully, I'll have a summer update soon! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

We thought it was a sprain.

I thought I was going to be really good at posting once a week and it's now been 2 1/2 months....oops.  Here's to trying again!

In February, our sweet girl stepped off a rock and twisted her ankle.  It swelled up pretty good and was horrible to walk on, but like any great parent, we just thought we'd watch it....well, 7 weeks later it still wasn't much better and so we took her to the doctor.

And this is what happened.....
she had a crack in the growth plate of her ankle.  Wowzers.
In my defense, big sprains can take FOREVER to heal.  And I did call medical professionals....pinky swear.  And we did wrap it when she did anything active.

But still......
The only real bummer was she missed out on running in a 5K that we were super excited about, but then again, she did get pushed in a chariot by her grandparents!

So next time your kid complains of an injury for more than a day or 2....maybe get it checked out.
Yours truly,
Mom of the Year

Friday, May 17, 2013

And then there's this.....

....the quiet side of life.  This doesn't happen a lot.

But when it's awesome.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The mind of Lily.

I'm writing this post on Mothers' Day 2013.  And it's been so fun to reflect on my journey as a mom these past 7 years.  I actually think I know less now than I did before my first child appeared in this world. 

Or maybe that's actually the great wisdom of parenthood:  understanding that we really don't understand and can't predict anything.

Although, being a mom, especially one who is the main caregiver, may be rote at times, there's never really a dull moment when you're a mom.  I found a bunch of pictures of Lily, my youngest, that especially express this truth.  Enjoy....the mind of Lily.

Valentine's boxes....Lily wanted a "little monster"
Lily's "Mom" on the left (why am I so frowny?!) & Piper's "Raindrops"
The artist collapsed.
Still lookin good....she wore that Easter hat for days.
"A human girl.  Its Piper juggling balls.  A lot of balls."  Adding to Lily's colletction... 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Oh the places they go.....

Our girls love to be active and they play super hard.  However, they are still little girls so they like to dress the part and they do not all mind getting their hands (or feet or faces or legs or hair) dirty in whatever they are wearing.

Here are few of their different costume changes for various activities:
Fancy coats thanks to Rosemary & Pauline.....
Gymnastics outfits for a day at the gym (Thanks, Grammie!).....
 Winter clothes & fun on their snow tube from Santa.  
They had fun even with just some ice and a dusting of snow......
 Pink running clothes for the Black Mountain Valentine's Fun Run around Lake Tomahawk.....
Stay tuned for many more updates (and costume changes) from these crazy girls.....

Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Year. New Room.

After this Christmas, we started to realize that our little house was going to get quite tight with the new toy additions!  So we moved Lily in with Piper and made a play room/ office for me.  [Disclaimer:  when I say "office", I mean that the old changing table is not my desk....I can sense how jealous you are right now.]  Here is a glimpse into our new set-up:
Playroom....I wish it still looked that good!
Their first night together....they are doing GREAT!
I think she likes being with her big sis.  Sweet girl.
Sweet Dreams....

Winter Update Part 3: More glimpses of the holidays.

Here are the last of the Christmas I think!  I've almost caught up with winter....and it's not even May yet....yippee!!! 
Christmas at the Cushing's with Cousin Eli....Mom, I found one with your eyes open!  Amazing! :)   
I'm sure Eli is super-comfy.
Neighborhood Santa and INCREDIBLE lights in Franklin
3 little nutcrackers at the Grove Park Inn Gingerbread House competition
My favorite ornament by far...Sprinkles & Lizzie from Lily's class!
Baby Jesus had some visitors this year....
Our sweetest Christmas treat
So....there you have it!  We might be moving into Spring soon....

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Winter Update Part 2: It's beginning to look alot like......Family Christmas!

 Hello again!  This is a miracle that I'm actually posting again.....and don't are our Christmas pictures!  Like we do every year, we traveled from BM to Nashville to celebrate with family and even though, we aren't "at home"- we are with family which is more important than being in our home.  When you're with family, you are at home and we are blessed to be able to spend every holiday with both families!  Here is a glimpse into our time over the Christmas holidays:
We start out every Christmas holiday at home with our own tree and opening gifts for 
our family Christmas.

Then, you throw in a Christmas program or 2!  The girls look so little here.....this is fun looking back and getting to actually appreciate the holidays.  What a blessed time for us! 
It was Lily's turn to put the star on the tree while we sang "We wish you a Merry Christmas!"
 Piper was able to participate in her Winter Gymnastics "recital" with her bffs.
Piper showing off one of her cute gifts at home.'s off to Grammie & Grandaddy's:
 Cookies, Christmas village, the beautiful tree with presents, the dollhouse, cousin Ev, aunts & uncles, B.....we always have a magical time at Grammie & Grandaddy's
 The girls' Christmas room!
 Sweet Lily didn't feel good but still had such a great attitude!
Piper putting out cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve! to the Cushing's!
For some reason, this is the only picture I have of our Christmas, but I love how it shows our growing family!  Uncle Corey joined us for his first Christmas with us and cousin Eli is here now, too.  We played a lot, opened presents, put make-up on Aunt Sandee, played outside, watched movies & loved being together.

Only 9 months until next Christmas!!!!