Thursday, June 12, 2008

The littlest viking.

So i'm not very good at this blogging thing b/c i do like six in one day. Oh well. I'm catching you up on our lives. Phil had Gladiator Games at camp last night so this morning Piper found a helmet sitting on the floor in the living room. These pictures are all her doing. And I love it.

David Thomas.

This is Piper's best friend right now! As you can see, they love doing eveything together but sleeping in the same bed will have to stop in a couple of years. These are pictures of us playing at his house.

Myrtle Beach- a girls' trip.

When i think of Myrtle Beach, I think of air brushed tees, piers, interesting tourists and bikers, of course. Well, Piper and I drove from Asheville to Gwinnett for high school graduation and to see some of our friends (so fun staying with the Buie's again!). Then, we hit the road for what turned into a 7 hour 45 minute trip to MB with my college roomates. What I didn't realize is that: 1. the DVD player that I swore I would never get would be my saving grace, 2. that I-26 is not the same as I-20 and will not get me to MB but will instead take me to Charleston and 3. that most of the traffic would come from bikers b/c YES, it was black biker weekend. We had a really fun time and Piper loved swimming and playing with Adam, Louise's son, who was born on the same day as Piper! I'll be putting up some sets of pictures as i get them.

Piper's Party!

Here are some pictures of Piper's 2nd birthday at the park! We had cupcakes and pink ice cream!