Thursday, February 25, 2010

This face.

The following is our first of many documentaries- we hope- of Lily's antics. She is a ham and barley one year old.

Family, please vote....does she get it from her mom or dad?

I want to kiss that yogurt-drenched mouth. Check out that boog....

That's just a fabulous food-covered smile.

oh. my. goodness.

My favorite face of all- it's a staple around here.
Piper's face will be coming soon.....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I can finally look at these and smile.

We have had A LOT of snow and cold and ice and darkness this winter. As I write this, it is bright and sunny outside- not quite warm enough to spend a ton of time out there, but at least I see the hope of spring. Piper and I had this awesome conversation about death (I know....weird) and we spent time looking at the brown trees and grass and talking about life coming from death.

And then....she stumped we with, "But those trees are green still" (in reference to the pine trees). So then, I had to teach her how to say "coniferous" and any spiritual analogy I was going to make was gone.

But now I can look at all of these pictures of snow and think how fun it was and will be when they can put their own jackets and mittens on.

This is not on Lily's Top 10 list of things to do again.


Monday, February 1, 2010

The Best Sled Hill Around Black Mountain

We were introduced to one of the best sled hill we'd ever seen this past weekend. We all had a chance to go down, but 2 "runs" were especially worth mentioning. First was Amy: on her first trip down, she managed to rotate herself backwards only to hit a snow board ramp, launching herself high into the air, backwards...still a bit sore from that one. Unfortunately, we didn't get this on camera.

Next, Chris Maslin and Phil went down together on a neighbors homemade sled. This was no ordinary sled, but one that was made of 2 old skis and some scrap lumber. It was close to twice as fast as the other sleds we had. But man it was fun! See this video to get a taste... Oh by the way, you can see Maslin bail at the last minute, thinking we might hit a stone bench at the bottom of the hill. When the video stops you can see how close we were to disaster.

Although we missed Amy's big jump, we did get her follow up run down the hill. Notice how upset Lily gets. She saw Amy bust the first time and didn't want her to go again....

For the record, Phil didn't "make Amy do this."