Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween cookies

Piper, Phil and I had family fun night and made homemade sugar cookies with orange icing. Those are pumpkins we are icing....tomorrow is our big Halloween party with some of our new friends here! Pictures to follow soon!


Here are some photos of Piper's first pigtails!!!! Yay!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Uncle Dave and Aunt Emily

We had so much fun this weekend when Uncle Dave and Aunt Emily came to visit. It was Uncle Dave and Boone's Birthday so we had a great time celebrating. It was also Alumni Work Weekend at camp so we had a great time getting to know new camp people!

Our House

Here are some pictures of our new house....we'll get some of the inside soon! Enjoy and come visit! The Fall is great here!!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pictures of Moving and Grammie...

I know that these are out of order, but I'm trying to get some of our pictures up so people can see what we been up to so here are some photos of our move!

Boots and Keys.....

Piper and I visited with our good friend Maureen in Greenville on the way to and from Matt and Jenny's wedding in Gwinnett. Auntie MoMo, as I like to call her, gave Piper one of her most favorite presents yet- hot pink cowboy boots. Here are some pictures of Miss Piper. Also, she LOVES to play with keys and has figured out where they go...enjoy! There is also a pretty good picture of when she fell and hit her face....yikes.

Fall Festival!

Today, Piper and I (Mom) had an awesome day. We made muffins that we took to Daddy at work and then, we went to the Fall Festival at her school, Montreat Morning School! She is the only girl in her class and seems to like it that way! It is such a great thing to experience these things with Piper and see her learning and growing. She is loving life here and exploring so much. Her favorite things to do are play in the rocks and swing in her swing for as long as I can handle it. These pictures below are of her at the Fall Festival and of us playing around the house. We miss you guys and can't wait for anyone to come visit. Uncle Dave and Aunt Emily come tonight and we are soooo excited!
P.S. Piper and her friend, David Thomas, were the only kids that dressed up. She's a horse.......our poor kid....