Friday, November 16, 2007


We don't have any new pictures to post- still working on getting our Halloween photos. But we are so excited about this season of Thanksgiving. Phil's extended family is in Black Mountain for the weekend to celebrate and we are so grateful to have family. We go home to Nashville for the holiday to be with our families and Amy's extended family. We'll have more pictures then!

Piper is doing well- growing a lot. She is starting to name EVERYTHING so we have to be so careful what we say b/c she'll say it right back! We are blessed to have her and know that Christmas will be so fun this year with her. Her favorite words to say right now are "uh-oh", "woah", "bye-bye" and "daddy"- which is basically her word for Phil and anything else she may want!

We were blessed to have two of our friends from Gwinnett, Sadie and Megan, surprise Amy this past week for her birthday! It was so fun to see them again and reconnect. We are praying for you, our friends and family, during this time of thanksgiving- hoping that in everything we see the blessings that God has graciously poured out on all of us!