Monday, February 25, 2008

i love this face.

she's like a baby model.....and she's a genius too.

valentime's of luuuuuv....

here are some pictures of Piper at school. she (i.e. i, the mom) made cards for her friends. she enjoyed her multiple valentine's day outfits- thanks to her grandma and grammie.

indian food.

piper's new favorite thing is to help us cook. here we are making samosas.


there are older pictures but i thought i'd post a couple anyhow.....piper wasn't the biggest fan of snow....we'll try again next year....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Amos. The Cat.

Here are pictures of Piper with her friend, Amos. She runs outside and yells, "Amy..." (which to Piper is Amos and unnerves me every time), then i.n her highest pitch voice, she yells, "kit, kit, kit" (which is Kitty, Kitty, Kitty to her). Don't worry....the cat is not our's. Boone wouldn't have it

Friday, February 1, 2008

Piper at Gymnastics!

Piper loves gymnastics! She calls it "run and jump." A great thing about living in Asheville is that we are discovering some amazing things to do with young kids- like our music class, a lot of story times at the library, the nature center, etc. It has been really fun to work part-time and get to spend the rest of my time with Piper exploring this new area.

Oops....a homemade diaper.

So...we were at Windy Gap visiting our friends, Erin and Devon, and we ran out of diapers. This was our quick fix......sorry Mom and Pamela.

New Year's with Gwinnett Friends.

We were so excited to go to Gwinnett to hang out with friends that we miss so much! Here are a few pictures of our time there. Piper was really excited to get to see Jolie, Eden, Jeremiah and Josiah!

Christmas in Nashville.....

It has been awhile so I'm going to post a bunch of pictures from Christmas with our families in Nashville, TN!