Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa visit.

Okay. This is just a side note but I'm listening to Piper pray with Phil and she just asked to pray for Barack Obama- that's funny but glad she's doing it.

Anyways- my parents visited a couple of weekends ago (before Easter). We love having them here at the house and so do the girls! It was so fun to hang out with them. We always get so spoiled by their generosity and miss them as soon as they walk out the door. That's a good way to feel about family though! So here are some great pictures of our time with them.

Wow! This is sweet!
Piper chasing bubbles.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Time.

My grandma gave me a tea set when I was a little girl- probably around Piper's age. I just got it out of my grandpa's basement. Piper and I had our first tea party which I think will become a special treat for me and the girls as they grow up. Here is our first try- which went really well although Piper drank her body weight in sugar. She loved "fixing" her "tea" (hot chocolate) with milk and sugar.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The hope of Easter

Sweet Piper before church.
I love Easter. More than Christmas in some ways. I love the feel of Christmas and the practice of family gatherings and giving gifts because of how it represents the gift of Christ from His Father. But I love so much the excitement of Easter. How I wake up on Easter morning so grateful and humbled by the grace that was poured out for me and now for my girls. I wake up knowing that today is a joyful day because of what Jesus did for me before He even knew me.
More family photos to come you can see Lily in her outfit that she wore for about 30 minutes before she exploded her diaper. Yay.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some winter pics....

Here are...hopefully....the last pictures of winter for this year! We have LOVED it but are ready for warm weather and time outside- which we need desperately.....Today was BEAUTIFUL and reminded us of the great promise that Easter brings- bringing us from death to life. We'll post some pictures of the girls and us doing Easter things. (: We also celebrated Phil's 29th birthday this week at Pisgah with about 40 of our friends and kids! It was a fun night of celebrating Phil and life and picnics and the coming of spring. We felt really blessed going home that night knowing that we have a great community about here in Black Mountain!
Below are some pictures of the latest of Lily. The first one is of Lily "playing" patient for Piper. The next is Lily showing of her tummy time skills. And the last is smily Lily. I love that picture and outfit- thanks Aunt Sandee!