Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Ultimate Backpacking Experience...

I (Amy) took these 4 awesome girls on one of the hardest backpacking trips I've ever been on. We hiked up hill for what seemed like the whole time. We had very little water in our water bottles and way too much water in the form of rain so we ended up coming home a day early because it got a little too scary for me out there! It was so fun and a great memory to make with these rising seniors!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Selling our home...

We would love for you to pray for this! It's sad to sell this place where we have seen the Lord impact so many people's lives including our own. There have been over 200 gathering of high schoolers here over the past four years (on this porch). So many great conversations where the Lord spoke clearly. It will be sad to leave, but exciting to see where our God will lead us. Pray that the next family will be equally blessed...and that they buy it soon!

Piper's Birthday!

Well she's 1. We had a great time with family and friends. Piper's had lots of friends over, ate cake, played in her pool, went down the slip and slide, watched a few games of horse shoes, and ate well. I woudl say it was a great first party, even if it was maybe designed more for our entertainment than hers...she still loved it.

Here is her invitation picture...

New Hampshire

So we took a week to go visit Piper's Great Grandfather. Wow, New Hampshire is beautiful! It rained every day, but it was also beautiful every day. Piper made friends with the birds that frequented the feeders, and the chipmunks that Grandpaw feeds every day. I think that I'm going to have to start feeding the wildlife in Black Mountian....Piper might make us! We had a great time with family while we were there. It's always so good to be together!