Sunday, May 12, 2013

The mind of Lily.

I'm writing this post on Mothers' Day 2013.  And it's been so fun to reflect on my journey as a mom these past 7 years.  I actually think I know less now than I did before my first child appeared in this world. 

Or maybe that's actually the great wisdom of parenthood:  understanding that we really don't understand and can't predict anything.

Although, being a mom, especially one who is the main caregiver, may be rote at times, there's never really a dull moment when you're a mom.  I found a bunch of pictures of Lily, my youngest, that especially express this truth.  Enjoy....the mind of Lily.

Valentine's boxes....Lily wanted a "little monster"
Lily's "Mom" on the left (why am I so frowny?!) & Piper's "Raindrops"
The artist collapsed.
Still lookin good....she wore that Easter hat for days.
"A human girl.  Its Piper juggling balls.  A lot of balls."  Adding to Lily's colletction... 

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