Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who knew?

So....I volunteered to help with flowers/ decorating for my sister's wedding not really knowing what I was doing (sorry Danielle) or what it would look like. But it was so fun and gorgeous (thanks to my aesthetic genius of my mother-in-law, Martha Jo). And through all of this, I realized something great about my sweet husband- he really believes in me and thinks I'm way better than I am. Seriously.

But we all need that- someone to push us outside of our comfort zones and push us towards excellence. In reality, I think he's pushing me to be more like Jesus- not because I think Jesus was into floral arrangements, but b/c God is proud of His work. He's proud of His Creation and He even calls us His masterpiece/ workmanship.

So I'm glad I have people around me who want to call out/ pull out greatness from deep within me. Thanks to my husband for taking these great pictures and telling me to be proud of me. Am I such a cheeseball?

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Annie Singletary said...

yes, great husbands are a true blessing.
you really have a talent here though, i mean these arrangements are so simple and beautiful.