Monday, October 19, 2009

The Little Daddies.

Well, here they are.....

You're thinking, "Amy, I don't see anyone...."
And really, you don't, but Piper does.
Those are the Little Daddies who live in the stool by her bed.
There are 3-5 of them, and every once in awhile, they come out and put on their pajamas.
They left the house the other day for the first time- needless to say, I was surprised.
Piper & the Little Daddies.
But it doesn't end there- there is also Potty (which is her favorite imaginary friend). Potty holds her hand across the street, is Piper's regular excuse for why she has to get out of bed at night- "Potty has to go potty" (while holding a clutched fist b/c Potty is in her hand) and is Piper's swimming companion at camp- imagine Piper holding onto a noddle and holding Potty above the water.

However, we also have Ninny, Ginny (pronounced with the g sound in "gear"), and the Rangle Tangles. It is a constant party at our house and we are honored when Piper invites us into this world of her's.


Gretchen said...

Piper is awesome! I can't wait to meet this child!!

Sarah G said...

WOW. That is hilarious Amy. There was no chance of her turning out normal or boring, thank goodness!
Would love to see y'all soon and meet Piper's pals.

Annie Singletary said...

o my word, this is awesome amy.
the little daddies, potty and all can come over to our house anytime.

The Roaming Southerner said...

I love all the imagination!!! All of these "people" will be great to remind her of later on! My parents still talk about my brother's friends Lightswitch and Lightbulb