Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh. Weddings.

Aug. 22- Sarah Van (my bestie- are you allowed to say that when you're 30?) in Nashville- Piper & I participate
Sept. 12- Anna in ATL
Sept. 19- Ashley in Knoxville- Piper is flower girl
Sept. 26- my sis, Danielle, in Nashville- Piper, Phil and I are in it.

for real. i'm broke. not really- it was a month of fun with friends, family, celebration and blessings from the Lord. Even though we are tired and appreciating slower life in the mountains, you can't replace these moments of celebrations and togetherness. I love the covenant of marriage and pray blessings over these dear friends.
I mean...seriously....are we related? She may as well be a supermodel.
Thanks to the Goforth's for the CUTE monogrammed britches.
1st attempt at flower girl; this is staged b/c she actually did not make it the 1st time (sorry, Sarah), but my heal did get stuck in a grate walking down the aisle. awesome. Attempts 2 and 3 went much better.
Sarah Van Suiter

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