Monday, May 16, 2011

5 years.

It has taken me a few days to process that my first-born is 5 and all that turning 5 means (already I'm crying and I've typed like 20 words; I thought if I waited a few days I'd be over this....). For me, turning 5 meant that I got a Strawberry Shortcake bike, doll and cake- my mom is amazing; the cake had pink coconut hair!

For Piper, 5 has been a big deal. She walked a little taller last week when she got to take mini-cupcakes to school. She really understood what having a birthday meant and she made sure we knew she understood. So she planned her own birthday party- "Piper's Carnival"- complete with stuffed animal petting zoo and our dog on a leash. But for me, 5 also means kindergarten, moving out of the baby section and into the big girl clothes, more responsibility for her in her daily routine, me giving her the space she needs- even when that space doesn't include me helping her.

However, she is still my little girl and in no way, am I going to rush the growing up process because that seems to be moving along quickly on its own. She still does need me to help her and she still uses words wrong all of the time and likes for me to get under the covers with her to read her stories. She still gets restless and bored even when we're trying to have a "grown-up team time" and would rather go look at toy trains in the Christmas shop. I'm so thankful that although she is 5, she will always be my kid and I will always be her mom. So enjoy these pictures as we look back at the years Piper has been with us.

We had NO idea the joy we were waiting for: (p.s. I'd like to think that this is at the end of my pregnancy but I'm pretty sure it's not...)

It's so cool to look at a picture and realize that THIS is one of those moments my life changed forever:

Piper, you are forever making us laugh and cry all at the same time by the way you live your life with such purity, simplicity and joy. You are a learner even at 5 and challenge me to think about why I do what I do and say what I say but also to just enjoy being where I am.

On her 5th birthday at tea:

What a beautiful little lady you are turning out to be. Dad and I are so proud of you and so excited about all of the years to come and what the Lord has for you. Happy Birthday, Pi.


Lisa said...

amazing post!

Erica Griffin said...

I love this - what a great gift for her to have parents like you and Phil.