Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Roomie Reunion 2011

We've known each other since 1997 and have changed quite a lot since those early days on our freshman hall. We went "potluck" as freshmen at Furman and all found each other. We lived together for the next 4 years and still get together every year- now with husbands and families! We meet up Memorial Day weekends in different spots- this year we chose Moncks Corner, SC where Louise is from and had a blast on the lake. Later this Fall, we'll meet up at Furman for our 10 year reunion. Hard to believe! Enjoy the photos.

Weeze, Grizz, Martha & Cush

We had SO much fun on the lake and on the boat!

Trip to Charleston and Fort Sumter

Finding little friends....and not being scared of them!

Loving some sister time right on a really cool lake!

That is the face of fun!

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