Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grandparents & Gardens.

Our kids are so blessed with great grandparents on both sides! They love our kids so well and our girls feel at home with both of them (and really never want to leave either of their houses b/c it's so fun there....not to mention all of the fun treats and marshmallow cereal and Lily snack and chocolate and play time, etc, etc). These pictures are from a weekend my parents came to visit.

Also, it's garden time, which is a lot of fun and A LOT of work.
So far we have planted for the spring:
sugar snap peas
yellow and red onions
buttercrunch lettuce
red lettuce

We are excited about the season ahead. We'll plant for summer in a couple of weeks

Our newly planted garden, a couple of months ago.

Thinning (a.k.a throwing away) radish plants. Well, I am....everyone else is watching.

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