Saturday, April 2, 2011

Piper's Perspective.

I love getting to see the world through these eyes of my kids. Sometimes I get down on the floor just to see what everything looks like from way down there. Phil swears he remembers the very first time he could see the top of the kitchen counter.

So Piper got a camera for Christmas and it has been so fun to see what she likes to take pictures of and what sticks out to her as "important" or "noteworthy".......we'll work on technique, framing the picture, lighting and getting the objects in focus some other time.

Close-up of our pup.


Mom trying to fix the computer.

Us wasting energy. Oops.

I wish I could have put all of the faces of Daddy up. Very funny.

I swear she wasn't there for long by herself.

Best friend, Bunny.


Just tall enough to see the counter!


Caught. She's not supposed to be behind the tree.

And, of course, the self-portrait.

I'm excited to see how their perspectives change over the years.

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