Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our future soccer star....

For all of our family who loves videos! Here are a bunch of Piper's 1st "soccer" practice. It's at this indoor place, Grey Eagle Arena, in Black Mtn. At Smart Start soccer, the soccer players (that's what the coach calls them and I love it!) learn basic skills like trapping, dribbling, stretching, etc. Please, enjoy! And if you ever wanted to know what I looked like doing anything athletic as a child, then this will give you great insight into my life.....Piper looks just like me.

"Warming up":

My personal fav....jumping jacks:


Piper's very favorite thing....the Spirit Tunnel- notice how she gets through twice:


Andrew and Jen said...

I love the videos!!! Oh my - makes me miss everyone so much seeing all those faces!!!

Lisa said...

totally love the videos!!!!!!!!!