Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Are you all going to the Drum Circle?"

Phil was out of town so the girls and I hit the town.....that used to mean something different to me, but now it means lots of ruffles, lemonade and ice cream with two girls under 5. It was a really fun IDEA. This was our plan...

We were going to get dressed up (that's a VERY pink skirt I am wearing), then, go out to eat at a sit down restaurant, do a little shopping, come back and build a fort and then, play games (Piper was in charge of those).

We did that. However, there were a few glitches. Lily screamed the whole way to dinner, saying, "Ow, ow, ow." I really thought I had to take her to the ER, but it ended up that's how she deals with being woken up sometimes. Great.

Dinner was fun- minus the fact that I never thought through how you actually do dinner with 2 little kids that cannot be left at the table alone. Piper went to the bathroom no less than 67 times that night and EVERY time, we all went. The booth was also large enough to sit at least a party of 12 which was hilarious for my girls but not for me when trying to wrangle them and the sharp knives from their hands.

A side note from dinner....on one of our many trips to the potty, a waitress asked me if we were dressed up to go to the drum circle. For those of you not familiar with this Asheville experience, it is a HUGE drum circle with a lot of hippy-like people dancing in a frenzied manner. I said, "No. We just dress like this." Then, followed the awkward silence and uncomfortable shifting around.

Shopping....we went to 2 different stores and still did not find the perfect prize. We settled for something lesser (why have I not learned this lesson).....and I STILL hear about it.

We arrived home to Aunt Anne and THIS gift (pictured below). She saved the day and night, which was an amazing glimpse into the future fun I have with my girls. They are great dates and I hope for many, many more Nights Out with my girls.

P.S. We finished the fort and games in the morning....who said Girls' Night couldn't last until the morning?


Andrew and Jen said...

Fun! You are such a fun Mommy!!!

Lisa said...

ha the drum circle comment! you totally should have went there too!

Phil said...

See what happens when I go out of town?