Monday, May 31, 2010

Don't mess with my camera....

.....or you'll end up here.

I have the amazing privilege of being able to be friends with a group of college folks from Montreat College. Most of them are Young Life leaders. Some are not. But all of them are a lot of fun, love me and my family extremely well and are trying to figure out life and what it means to follow Jesus with your whole heart.

some of them at Windy Gap

They ate breakfast at my house one morning and I left them all there.
With my camera.
Here is the result:

They are incredible. Not only are they students, but they are giving their lives away to high school kids through Young Life. They spend HOURS pursuing kids- most of whom couldn't care less about them....until they get to know them. Then, these kids can't get enough of their new friends who love them just as they are.

These college folks are the hands and feet of Christ so if you want to know how Jesus lived, then follow them around for awhile because they are trying hard to do just what He did.

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