Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Arch Nemesis.

So it's an inanimate object- can it still be my arch nemesis? I'm at a loss for what to do. We let go of the pacie, but the potty is not an object of my 3-year-old's affection. Seriously, the other day I cleaned up "messes" ELEVEN times. It was a horrible day which led to lots of "family discussions." So that's where we are right now. Any encouragement/ advice would be helpful or just something to make me laugh. And I know people say she won't go to school in diapers or walk down the aisle in diapers, but there's always the potential for that special story on Oprah about the kid that is still diapers. yikes.


Jenny G said...

My mom gave us 1 M&M or 1 mini marshmallow when we went in the potty. As ridiculously small as it was, that was ALL the motivation we needed! - Jenny Williams

Lauren H. Buczkowski said...

I too got m&m's and still have fond memories every time I eat one of those delicious candy coated chocolates. Does she have any interest in the "big potty?" Benjamin all the sudden got interested in the big potty and his reward is some high fives and then he gets to flush the potty. I have heard not to push it if they are not ready and that it will come when they are. Also pampers has a free potty training kit that you can get.. Maybe it would help.. I have it posted on one of my blogs..
It is a few posts down.. Maybe it would help I don't know.