Sunday, May 24, 2009

Letting go. Literally.

So about 2 weeks before Piper turned 3, we finally did "it." We told Piper that it was time to say "bye-bye" to pacie. Now, we actually were really, really, REALLY sad about this (my husband- not mentioning any names- was the saddest). It was as if we were saying, "Piper, we are sending your very best friend in the world on a trip and she'll never come back."
But instead, we bought some helium balloons, tied the pacie to them, let her pick out ANY treat from the store she wanted and stood in the middle of our street with balloons and a 3 pack of cupcakes in hand. This was Piper's pre-send-off statement, "So we tie pacie to the balloons, let go and then, i get the cupcakes?" Mommy (through tears) says, "yes." Piper says, "okay" and away we go. She will sell out ANYONE for a cupcake. We gave her the balloons and told her, "okay. one. two. three. let go...." Nothing. She looks up and says, "I can't." I started crying and Phil mustered up the courage for the 4 of us (Lily, too) to let go together. We watched the fly up into oblivion to go to some other baby who needs a pacie. Thank you, Jackson Norton, for giving us that idea!

I realized the saddest part for me was that she was no longer a baby anymore. I wanted her to still have to have a pacie, but it started to look really silly. That's why it was so hard because she is growing up and it is our job to help her. In the near and distant future, we are going to have to help her grow up and I imagine this is going to be one of the easy challenges. The Lord really did teach me a lot about the way He molds us and helps us grow up. He is creative in it and gentle and will help us let go when we can't do it on our own.

Piper has been a champ with it. She doesn't ask for it anymore. Although the smart little thing does ask for the "white one" because the "green one" was the one tied to the balloon. And I have caught her hiding in the corner "holding" Lily's pacie in her mouth. She is so sweet and is replacing cuddles and lots of reading time in bed for her pacie.

Now, it's time to say "bye-bye" to diapers. Yikes.


Tyler said...

The saddest part for me in this whole thing is your disregard for Mother Earth. Did you even stop and think about what this pacie is going to do to the ozone?

Am I the only one looking out for our planet?

Sarah said...

i thought it was a great idea! you are such a good mommy. :) i like the part about her "holding" lily's pacie.

Sandy said...

oh, a lovely post.

and thanks for visiting me and Simple Mom!

i can tell - you are a fun mom! :)