Sunday, June 24, 2012

3 games.

Oh Lily.  You are always keeping us on our toes.  We decided I decided (why?  I'm not sure) that we were going to have Lily play softball, a.k.a. Bitty Ball, this year.  We lasted 2- maybe 3 games.  She was absolutely miserable.  Here are some pictures that document the experience.....
Her friend on the field....look how adorable they are.  Their team name was the Smashers- Lily was everything but a "Smasher" on the field.
Desperately trying to get out of going to bat.
Excited, huh?

This is our only action shot since we were on the field with her the rest of the time....and what you miss after this is her running after her ball and then, crying when she couldn't have it back.
I realize that I project a lot of my own desires on my kids because I think it would be "fun" for them.  Not that I have desperately longed my whole life to play Bitty Ball, but I want them to have friends, be well-rounded, have experiences, be athletic, etc. 

Don't worry- I realize this is neurotic.  And that Lily is 3.  But still....I'm okay saying it out loud.

And I also realize that both of my kids are perfect the way they are.  And that they will grow into just what they need to be and need to be doing.  I am just going to keep giving them different options and offering unique experiences.

Maybe just not Bitty Ball. 

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