Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brett's Ride 2011

This is from a bike ride, Brett's Ride, which supports pediatric cancer research.  It was sometime last Fall in Hikory, NC.  We got to stay with some dear friends, the Abel's and ride with our other great friends, the Darnell's.  Anne and Corey, my soon-to-be brother-in-law, also came!  It was a 32-mile ride, the longest I've done, and I was BEAT.  But it was a really fun weekend and experience.
The Darnell's, who took turns riding with the slow-poke (that's me!)
Picture is all funny but it really captures fun with old friends.  They're so big now!
Love these girls
Sweet baby in Piper's old sweater.
Ready for their own ride.
Into mischief.
Aunt Anne!
Go, Team Darnell.
Please, notice Team Tandem bike in the background.  They finished with me.  Great.

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