Monday, December 13, 2010

Fall medley. Part 2.

Here are more pics of our great fall here in Black Mtn. Hopefully, I'll be caught up enough now to keep up! We had a wonderful fall visiting the apple orchards, picking pumpkins, trick or treating, baking a lot, enjoying school, etc. Here are some pictures of our trip to the fire station, one last trip to The Cabin, Mommy's birthday and Boone as a "bad dog."

Open House at the Fire Station where Phil is a volunteer firefighter:

At The Cabin right before it sold. So glad for this place where we got engaged

A night out with good friends for my birthday:

Breakfast in bed on my birthday....I didn't get to eat much of it b/c I had so much help:

Boone made "bad choices" and this is her consequence, which brought us hours of laughs:

Happy Holidays! More updates coming soon!

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