Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Surprise for Pi.

It's one of our most favorite times of year when......
The Mountain State Fair comes to town.
Some animals, a ride, a gondola ride, some ice cream and a funnel cake complete our time there.
Before you look at the pics, please enjoy Piper's reaction when she found out what we were doing:

Now, isn't that just the picture of pure joy?!
She was SO scared to go on this ride (which she wouldn't do last year), but she loved it. It's funny the little things that you get to be proud of as a parent!

Too small for the rides but loved all of the lights!

I obviously made them pose for this picture by the chickens.....come on, mom.


Becky Swann said...

Jeremiah took Ellen to the fair this year so I missed it, but they had alot of fun! I love your girls!!

Seth Ladd said...

when you wake up in the morning, your children will be gone.. don't worry im just gonna come steal them and they are gonna live with me.. i miss them and y'all