Friday, July 23, 2010

Our harvest.

Our very first harvest! A little small because I got excited about picking....rookie.

So far:
7 zucchini
3 yellow squash
2 green peppers
ALOT of bush beans.....don't know the poundage.

I know that may not sound like much, but for first time gardeners and planting from seed that is a huge bounty! My friend, Natalie, and I have spent a lot of time babying this garden and it truly has been one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life so far. I also have to give props to Phil and Marty (the maintainence genius at camp)- they are the muscle behind the garden!

My oldest and I went down there today and just picked a bunch of vegetables.....and then, ate them right there! Without washing them. She is really into checking on what's growing and then sitting in the stroller while I pick everything. It has been the coolest thing to do as a family. Even if you have to start small or in pots, I encourage you to try!

The squash and very small cantaloupe and watermelon in the way back- our fingers are crossed.

Our peppers are looking great and strong! Excited to see what colors they turn.

Our bush beans' leaves are being destroyed by something- a worm maybe? We are still getting a lot but not sure what to do. Our zucchini and cucumbers are in the background here.

Coming soon to a kitchen near you.....cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, melons (maybe), jalapenos, more beans and squash galore!

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Sunday Grant Photography said...

Amy, sorry to be blog stalking you but I wanted to comment about your beans. Our beans are struggling too and my friend who knows a lot about plants and flowers told me it is a Mexican bean beetle and they are bad news. there is not much you can do besides ordering a wasp from india and I am pretty sure they may be illegal! I hope that is not what it is for your sake. Awesome job on the garden!