Saturday, October 25, 2008

Circus Day....

I don't know what has gotten into me.....maybe it's the Fall or that really, at heart, I am a "themey" person or the fact that I am pregnant, nesting and have cleaned everything in my house so now, I've turned to cooking and being "creative." And when I say "creative", I don't mean creating anything of value that I'll keep or could ever sell. But this October I have done the following projects....carve pumpkins, decorated pumpkins, made pumpkin face luminaries (complete with glitter), made and hung kleenex ghosts on our porch, collected pinecones for a Fall arrangment (to be honest, I made Piper collect them b/c I hate bending over right now), made pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bars, cut-out cookies with orange icing, made a homemade apple pie, learned how to cook a whole chicken (cleaned out the guts and all- hillarious to watch), boiled the chicken leftovers and made a stock and then a soup, and FINALLY....drum roll, please....I sewed Piper's first, of many I hope, costumes....She was a clown for Circus Day at school. She got to march in a parade and everything. Here are the cutest pictures ever of her!

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Anna Richey Thiele said...

well, Amy, I knew you had it in you, but, seriously, that list is ridiculously impressive. I mean, just having the time in one month to do all those things completely blows my mind! But, since you're on a roll, there's what looks to be a great pumpkin pancake recipe on this blog:
You should read it regularly because it's such a great blog full of funny stories. It's Courtney (Douglas) Howard's blog.
And, I loved your peeing-picture disclaimer. It's even more funny now knowing that you posted that picture unknowingly!! I wonder if Piper's the kind of girl that will ever be embarrassed by that around age 13. I mean, when she's 13, will other kids be able to pull that off the internet archives somehow? I kind of get the feeling that she won't really care. Let me know when you'll be around at the holidays! love you! **sorry this is the longest comment ever**