Wednesday, July 16, 2008

where has the summer gone?

Piper's house; she prefers the door to hinge off of the table and not the couch; this has caused a lot of minutes of patient communicating and trying to understand her ideas about construction.

Piper's (and Phil's) favorite part of the day.
Piper loves to cook and "taste" except now she'll ever so politely say, "Mommy, i don't like it" or "It's spicy" (even if it's not).

it's been awhile! partially b/c i've been travelling for the past 16 days straight and am so glad to be home. i really feel at home here and love that; especially since, it's been less than a year that we've lived here. i was driving in at 2:30 a.m. on tuesday morning with piper asleep in the back seat and anne beside me and was so happy to be "home." i will try to update you over the next few days on the last couple of weeks. to sum up: i've been at Saranac in New York for 8 days with high school kids. I went home to celebrate the life of my grandpa at his funeral for a few days and then, flew with my sisters and Piper to see my Grandpa Cushing in New Hampshire. so you will begin to see pictures of all of that over the next few entries, as well as some "summer fun" pics. enjoy!