Saturday, September 29, 2007

We made it to Black Mountain!!!

Well, we arrived safe and sound after a REALLY fast two days of moving/ closing on houses. We are loving life in Black Mountain and really excited about what is in store for us here. Phil is loving camp and learning a ton. Piper and I are doing a lot of exploring. We visited her school- she will start going to school Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We are both excited about this! I start Young Life on Monday and can't wait to go deeper in this community. My littlest sister, Anne, was in town this weekend and we explored Asheville and went hiking at camp. We are so thankful for our families who really were the ones moving us here!!!

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Chad, Amy and Grace said...

I am so glad the move went well. Piper is going to love school! And you are going to love that time. Keep us updated!